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This store has my illustrations printed on products.
You will be able to find funny mugs with quotes, pillows, tote bags, framed posters with my happy and whimsical illustrations on them.

I'm constantly adding new things in there, so feel free to check it, plus you can contact me to request a custom order ;)

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Tote bags, mugs, pillows are among the things you'll will find inthere

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Framed Posters

You will even find some illustrations from the books I've illustrated when possible, here, as framed posters ready to hang :)

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This store, on the other hand, has all my handmade goodies.
You will be able to find original paintings, some handmade notepads, even original fine art Portraits.

Shipping costs will be more expensive as I ship all these handmade goodies from Argentina, directly from my Studio.

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Handmade Kraft Notepads

I love making small cute notepads, painted by me with my own motifs. I use acrylics and indian ink for them

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Original Portraits

You may find an original drawing for sale of the ones I make, when I'm not making portrait commissions.

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