Why Catru?

When being a little girl, I lived with my 3 cousins for a while. When I was born, the first name my parents wanted to call me was Catruska, and they weren't allowed by law at the time. My cousins started calling me Catru. Years went by, and it simply stuck with me. Short, easy and fun.

I live in Argentina, in San Rafael.
I have free birds on my backyard.
I sign all my artworks as Catru, short, easy with some history behind.
I love to create, and I'm always making something.
I work as a Children's Illustrator and artist together with teaching about computers lessons.

Interesting facts
Spanish is my native language.
I’d been to India, twice.
I love cats, yet I’m allergic to them
I love having free birds coming to eat seeds to my backyard.
I had my ears fixed with surgery when I was 10 years old, by my own choice.
I’ve never broke a bone of my body.
I laugh out loud and talk, when I sleep, often enough.
I love running.
I love chocolate… oh, that’s not interesting... but IT IS a fact.

My town, San Rafael (Mendoza, Argentina)

My town, San Rafael (Mendoza, Argentina)