Learning something new

I’m doing a workshop on a traditional painting style that was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) called Fileteado Porteño, that started as a way of adding some decor to those grey cars of that time. Then it scaled up to make whole decors on the outside of buses, and all kind of store main signs.

It’s a very bold full of details and quite symmetric style, and I think not only is a very argentinian thing as Tango, but it really looks cool on things :D

So, here I am doing my first complex compositions, sketching, learning the basic shapes, so I can make few signs for my home, like one for the toilette lol
I’m still on the sketching and learning stage, will soon go into the first painting stage :P which freaks me out because you need to have such a steady stroke with this style, so neat and clean. And I’m so super extroverted for painting hahaha

I love learning stuff that has nothing to do with my way of working in arts. I’m sure it will add somehow to my artwork. And if not, it is always fun to do things different than usual.

What about you? Have you tried learning something different from your usual?

20190607_181146 (Medium).jpg
20190608_113112 (Medium).jpg