New Fabrics soon!

I’m designing some fabrics!

Making available for sale, already, designs in greyscale or black and white, ink style. Designing coloured ones, but those I want to print test them before making them available for sale.

Pattern design is a fun thing to do. I want to embrace many of my working styles, so I may do things for kids as well as other kind of works.

I particularly love a handmade rough finish to things, I want my designs to look most of the times very organic.

Helena P. Blavatsky

My Helena P. Blavatsky's Pencil Portrait is on a just released book of theosophy by Dr. Pablo Sender (you can check his Youtube channel HERE, he has some awesome spiritual talks and material)

Published by FOHAT Productions ❤️🤗

I’m beyond thrilled :D

About the book itself,

“Evolution of the Higher Consciousness

An In-Depth Study of H. P. Blavatsky’s Teachings

In this book Pablo Sender explores the writings of Mme. Blavatsky, tracing her teachings on the evolution of the higher consciousness throughout her voluminous writings. This book presents her teachings in a systematic way, explaining her frequently obscure words so that the earnest student can grasp their meaning.”


Shimmer and Glimmer!!

I finally got my illustrator copy of Glimmer, Sing of Sun! (sequel to Shimmer)

I’m over the roof, SO happy!!! and they look great together, don’t they?

Release date: June 11

You can get it here


Heads up


My current projects...

1. Glimmer, Sing of Sun!  

Time to start illustrating this poetry book for kids, the sequel to Shimmer-Songs of Night. Again written by the award-winning author Raven Howell. 

This one is about the sun, day and spring happy times, compared to the night themed one, Shimmer. I'm honoured I'd been asked to do Shimmer's sequel.  

 2. Finished some illustration courses and now is time to try to put everything into practice. So, I may get myself into some personal projects. The levels of frustration I'm having right now are quite high but I know those are the feelings that make you grow, that push you to go further. So, I may breathe and try new things again and again until, hopefully, I'll see some improvement on things I wanna do different in my illustrations. It's a fun thing you never stop learning and improving also :)))

3. I've been focusing my energy in a overall sense, and I cleaned and organized my online accounts. Not that anyone cares but I feel happy and fresh about it :) 

Ok, I have no more news for now, but my lately online silence may be near to finish soon, as I feel I'm reaching new art goals and getting the strength needed for them.