Twitter Events and why I love them

One I've made for #PortraitChallenge

One I've made for #PortraitChallenge

I remember at first I was shy and curious and totally lost on Twitter.
I had nothing to look at and got overwhelmed easily trying to find what to do in there.I spent like that, few months. While I kept using other social media.

Then I realize it, it hit me, Twitter is such an AWESOME place. It's a place where you can get connected with people that have your same interests. But in such active fun ways. So self-improving and at least so much fun.
Suddenly I had a reason to be there, I started searching illustrators. I just love the huge talent out there, such amazing artists, so many things to see.

I had hours during the week just checking on those fantastic artworks.
I remember my brain started seeing those hashtags. Yeah it said, people talk in organized ways so you can find what everybody is saying about a particular topic.

Oh it can be so much more. I love hashtags. I mean, such power in them.
As an artist and children's illustrator I found people doing Twitter events, using hashtags. To name a few: #colour_collective, #PortraitChallenge, #Inktober

Of course the list goes on, those are just few I particularly love :)

You get to do something according to what the organizer of the event says, or the rules, and then depending if you have to post all together at some day and hour in the week, or if you can take your time, you do your artwork following the guidelines and then, TA DA, you get to see what people did for that same event, they get to see yours. Such happy sharing experience.

Some Examples

For example, #colour_colletive posts a different colour each saturday, and the rule is to create something that has somehow that colour, any medium and post all together on fridays at 19.30 GMT. Anyone can join in. The Twitter account is @Clr_Collective.
Lots of awesome illustrators usually participate on that one.

#PortraitChallenge has less people, I guess cause well, drawing/painting portraits is indeed a challenge. But I particularly love it as it gives me a chance to keep practicing and improving and I even got engaged in doing two versions, a realistic one according to the image they provide (@StudioTeaBreak) on thursdays I think, and a more me-version of it (a catru-ish one :)

Those two go along the whole year, one new asignment every week.

But for #Inktober, oh well, that's now a global well known event, that runs thru 1 to 31 of October of every year (thanks to Jake Parker @mrjakeparker,  one of the teachers from @SVSLearn among other cool things) and the asignment here is to draw with traditional ink on paper, a drawing EVERY single day of October. The goal? to improve yourself on inking techniques. Really another awesome event.


To sum up

So, Twitter for me is something way beyond just showing pretty things and sharing. Is simply amazing how you get to do things with others that could be on the other half of the earth far away from you, and still share and participate together.
I LOVE it. I think it has become in the middle of the busy life we all have, one of my fave social media places :)


You don't know how to start even using Twitter?

In order to make Twitter something useful and awesome for yourself

1) Choose a topic: your passion, your career, your main hobby, I don't know, choose a topic that means the world to you.
2) Check who you want to follow that is an expert on your chosen topic.
3) Then start checking and looking for hashtags people in that topic is using and start checking on those. In some months you may end up using Twitter more than Facebook :D