Tiny things I've illustrated as gifts for all my fans out there, you can download them and print for your own personal use. You can't, of course, sell them, but you can print as many as you want and use them. Enjoy! :)

Chesire Cat by Catru

for Free! as gift from me to you all, for making me happy with all your support and love!
I’ve made it in a PDF file letter size, so you can DOWNLOAD HERE and print it.
Enjoy it! :)

Shimmer_6 months Anniversary_Coloring Letter Page (Large).jpg

Shimmer - Songs of Night - Activities: Coloring Page!

Here, Raven Howell and I decided to make a coloring page to be printed on letter size paper, with one of the poems and illustrations extrated from the picture book Shimmer - Songs of Night. Have fun with your kids at home or in the classroom!

Xmas Note Owls_TO-FROM_Firmados (Medium).jpg

Christmas Owl Tags

This is quite old, but it has its fans still :) So, you can print them on cardstock, or any thick paper and cut out or print them in adhesive paper too and then put in your Christmas gifts this year.